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As a mental health worker, you take on great challenges. With Psylio, we want to take care of those who care for others.

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Manage your schedule, records and billing in total security and in compliance with professional order requirements.

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We take your data security very seriously. All necessary measures are put in place to go above and beyond industry expectations and requirements.

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How much time could you save with Psylio?

Optimizing your record keeping will assuredly save you precious time. Have you ever wondered how much record keeping actually costs you in terms of time and money? We did the math for you with the help of our users.

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/ week
6 hour(s)
or $540.00 / month

This calculation is based on a survey of our users for 50-minutes appointments.

"La plateforme Psylio répond définitivement à mes besoins en matière de tenue de dossiers, de facturation et d’agenda. Les ajustements réalisés au cours des derniers mois ont fait de ce logiciel un outil indispensable pour tout intervenant dans le domaine de la relation d’aide. Très facile d’utilisation, son interface est simple et conviviale.”

Véronique Larivière, Sexologue, B.A.

"J’apprécie l’expérience d’utilisation simple et la facilité de se retrouver sur la plate-forme. Je n’ai pas encore découvert tous les outils de la plate-forme mais je suis très satisfaite de mon premier mois d’utilisation. En plus, l’équipe de développement est super efficace et répond à nos besoins! Je recommande fortement l’usage de la plate-forme.”

Vanessa Forgues, Psychothérapeute et sexologue

All platform features are free to use if you have less than 5 client records. No need to enter a payment method, simply create an account and go!

There’s no limit! You can create, manage and archive as many records as you want.

Yes. Psylio is a Web product, accessible from any device with an internet connection.

We are working to facilitate record transfers to Psylio. Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you.

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