Pinned notes


When you pin a note, it will appear at the top of the list in the Progress notes tab. Pinned notes will appear first when printing the roadmap or all the notes in a record. If you unpin a progress note, it will return to its normal order, according to the date of intervention.

Quickly send payment receipts to clients


When an invoice is marked as paid, you can now quickly send the receipt directly to the client. Email addresses saved in the record’s profiles are automatically suggested for sending the receipt, but you can also add or remove email addresses manually.

Improved raw data confidentiality


Following suggestions from our users, we've made changes to how raw data is handled, in order to enhance confidentiality. The previous method, which required adding a password from outside the platform before importing raw data into the Documents section, was not user-friendly.

We have simplified the process so that you can now protect your raw data with a password as soon as you export it from the platform. Raw data also remains confidential when a record is shared or transferred.

Enhanced financial settings


To comply with current tax requirements, several improvements have been made to the finance and billing tabs.

  • The Transaction summary available in each client record has been revised and improved, now allowing you to easily find the method(s) of payment used by your client. When an invoice is cancelled, a reason must be entered to provide more transparency in case of an accounting audit. The reason is also included on the invoice.
  • Cancelled invoices are now visible in the Unpaid invoices section, under the Finance tab in the left-hand menu. This groups together all cancelled invoices and makes them more easily identifiable.
  • Finally, optional questions have been added when creating a transaction in the Finances tab. These include the payment method used, as well as the billing and payment dates.

Introducing Jade


Jade has been designed to improve your visibility on search engines, allowing you to reach a wider audience. Your future clients will now be able to find your services more easily thanks to user-friendly navigation on Jade.

Jade is also made to accompany and support your clients throughout their consultation process.

Discover Jade
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Collaborative spaces


Collaborative spaces allow you to optimize teamwork with your colleagues by simplifying communication and exchanges, while protecting confidential information.

What is the difference between a collaborative space and record sharing?

The collaborative space is a secure area that allows you to choose the information that is shared among members of the same organization.

Record sharing, on the other hand, is a complete sharing of the client record. For example, it is not possible to hide certain notes when sharing a record.

Finally, the collaborative space is not a client record, but a secure area that allows you to add follow-up notes, observations, or general information related to a person or group. You can also upload documents, which will be visible to all members of the space. Members can leave the collaborative space or invite other collaborators at any time.

Addition of tables and checkboxes in the writing space


It is now possible to integrate tables and checkboxes in Templates and Progress notes. The various text editing options are available in the toolbar, directly in the writing space.

Note approval


Trainees can now ask their supervisor to approve a note by adding a second signature. To do this, the trainee must first designate an approver for their notes. Once a new note is recorded, the designated approver will receive an email notification informing them of the required approval.

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