A tool to simplify record keeping for school organizations.

Psylio offers a tool adapted to the reality of school organizations that allows professionals to comply with the requirements of their professional orders.

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Accessible 24/7

No matter where you are, your files are always at hand, even when you’re teleworking.

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Time saving

No more duplicating tasks, focus on the essential: your students.

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Save paper, files and most of all, no longer be limited by your on-premise filing cabinets.

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Easy implementation

No installation required, Psylio fits naturally into your practice. You can also count on the support of our Team.

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Enhanced and high-performance security and confidentiality. Cloud computing system with automatic backups.

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Meets standards

Psylio complies with the recordkeeping requirements requested by the various professional regulatory bodies.


How do we help school organizations?

Psylio allows the various actors working in school organizations to ensure that their records are kept in a safe and simple manner. We listen to your needs and continuously improve the platform based on your comments and suggestions.

Optimal & centralized management of student files.

Psylio allows the archiving of professional files, but also the possibility of transferring or sharing files between practitioners.

Facilitates teamwork

Psylio facilitates teamwork, whether within a disciplinary or multidisciplinary team, or in a trainee-supervisor context.

Security and compliance

Psylio allows for secure record keeping that respects the requirements of professional orders, notably by ensuring that data is systematically backed up and by recording the history of changes made to records.

Who can use Psylio in my school organization?

The platform offers various types of access within the organization that allow the use of different functionalities depending on the nature of each person's role. This ensures the confidentiality of the information recorded.


Psylio will facilitate the work of the account administrators by allowing them to manage the billing of the organization, to add or remove practitioners, to assign files, to have access to a statistical portrait, and more.


Psylio allows practitioners, whether they are members of a professional order or not, to keep a secure and collaborative record to ensure continuity of services to the student.

And much more!

Other types of access under development.


Facilitate interdisciplinarity with
the collaboration area and transferring of files.

The vision that we have with Psylio is to optimize and secure the recordkeeping, while allowing teamwork through the collaboration area and the sharing and transfer of files.

Mozaïk Portail

Connected to Mozaïk-Portal

There is strength in unity! Our collaboration with the Société GRICS will allow us to integrate Psylio to Mozaïk-Portal, which will facilitate the work of teams in the educational sector.

(Under development)

They trust us

« La plateforme Psylio répond définitivement à mes besoins en matière de tenue de dossiers, de facturation et d’agenda. Les ajustements réalisés au cours des derniers mois ont fait de ce logiciel un outil indispensable pour tout intervenant dans le domaine de la relation d’aide. Très facile d’utilisation, son interface est simple et conviviale. »

Véronique Larivière, Sexologue, B.A.

« Nous étions à la recherche d’une méthode de prise de notes efficace et facile d’utilisation. Psylio nous a permis d’optimiser notre pratique tout en permettant une meilleure transmission d’informations entre les professionnels lors de transfert. De plus, le service à la clientèle est A1. Nous le recommandons fortement! Vivement la connexion entre Mozaik et Psylio pour accélérer l’ouverture de dossier! »

Sarah Thivierge, Psychoéducatrice au CSS des Appalaches

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