We take your data security very seriously. All necessary measures are put in place to go above and beyond industry expectations and requirements.

Multi-level encryption ensures maximum security. At Optania, your data’s security and privacy is our priority.

Passwords are undecipherable to anyone but the user. How? They're encrypted using a hash function based on the Eksblowfish encryption algorithm.

Psylio is hosted with Amazon Web Services in Canada. We benefit from a data center and network architecture designed to meet the most demanding security requirements, the same as those of the Quebec Ministry of Health. For more information about AWS compliance, visit the AWS Compliance Programs page.

Backup copies of your data are made daily. Furthermore, a second infrastructure is also available at all times to take over in case of downtime.

Security Technology and Best Practices

  • Thousands of automated tests
  • Continuous quality control
  • Content validation by mental health professionals
  • Automated and secure updates
  • Extensive system monitoring
  • Advanced access control
  • Increased protection against known and emerging threats
  • Protected bank transactions using secure encryption
  • Application servers and databases isolation
  • SSL / TSL encryption

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