4 tips to facilitate your work during the COVID-19 crisis


The priority: YOUR mental health

  • Add breaks to your schedule.
  • Reassure everyone by establishing an organized routine.
  • Check your glass of water every day.

Adaptation +++

  • In the face of adversity, adaptation is a guarantee of success.
  • Take a moment to analyze your needs.
  • Establish a plan to meet these needs.
  • Evaluate your usual schedule; it may not be effective anymore. Aim for tranquility and concentration!

Get the right tools

  • Several tools can help facilitate your telepractice.
  • Join intervention groups.
  • Consults COVID-19 documents on various professional order websites.
  • Ask for advice or support to help you during this exceptional situation.

Stay informed without exaggerating

  • Trust your professional judgment.
  • Choose your information sources carefully.
  • Avoid social media and news sources for a few hours every day.
  • As a social change agent, maintain your role of support and reference for those around you.

Professional Toolbox

We offer easy and centralized access to various documents, tools and resources for both work and intervention.

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