Optimized recordkeeping for private clinics and non-profit organizations

Whether your organization employs salaried staff or collaborates with self-employed professionals, Psylio offers a tool adapted to the reality of private clinics, enabling them to comply with the requirements of their professional orders.

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L’Association des Orthopédagogues du Québec

Benefits for private clinics and non-profit organizations

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Simplified collaboration

Promote communication while protecting access to client records with collaborative spaces

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Payment management

Manage your finances and generate accurate reports for effective tracking

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Accessible 24/7

No matter where you work, your records are always at hand

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Psylio allows you to comply with the recordkeeping standards of the various professional orders

Who can use Psylio in my organization?

Whether you're a psychologist, sexologist, zootherapist, social worker, criminologist, remedial teacher or any other mental health professional, Psylio offers adapted features for optimized recordkeeping in clinics and non-profit organizations.

Professionals in private clinics

Professionals in private clinics use Psylio to manage their sensitive data, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with professional standards. Additionally, collaborative features enable multidisciplinary teams to work together efficiently.

Non-profit professionals

Non-profit professionals use Psylio to quickly document their interventions and facilitate collaboration by easily sharing and transferring their records with other professionals in their organization.

Professionals in private practice

Professionals in private practice can form an organization with other Psylio users to facilitate the sharing and transfer of records outside their individual practice.


Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration through the use of collaborative spaces and record sharing.

Collaborative spaces

  • Allow members of the same organization to exchange notes, observations, and documents without exposing the contents of student records.

  • Ensure smooth and secure collaboration while respecting confidentiality requirements.

Record sharing and transfers

  • Provide specific and controlled access by the record owner.

  • Facilitate continuous and effective follow-ups while also respecting confidentiality.


Stand out in recruitment

There is a lot of competition out there and recruiting staff is particularly important for many private clinics. Offering a simple, user-friendly, and secure tool could make the difference between a professional choosing your clinic or someone else’s.

They trust us

« Nous étions à la recherche d’une méthode de prise de notes efficace et facile d’utilisation. Psylio nous a permis d’optimiser notre pratique tout en permettant une meilleure transmission d’informations entre les professionnels lors de transfert. De plus, le service à la clientèle est A1. Nous le recommandons fortement! Vivement la connexion entre Mozaik et Psylio pour accélérer l’ouverture de dossier! »

Sarah Thivierge, Psychoéducatrice au CSS des Appalaches

« Un accès totalement en ligne, une interface intuitive et épurée, des fonctionnalités pertinentes ainsi qu’une gestion facile des finances, voici ce que j’aime de Psylio. »

Virginie Blain, Sexologue et psychothérapeute

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