A tool to simplify recordkeeping for specialized school staff.

Psylio is designed to facilitate collaboration and simplify student record management.

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30 + School Service Centres and School Boards across Quebec use Psylio
Nearly 10 000 professionals are registered on Psylio
2 million progress notes written using Psylio

Benefits for schools

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Connected to Mozaïk Portail

Access the platform and student search directly through the Psylio tile

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Multidisciplinary coordination

Ensure a better continuity and integration of services with record sharing and transfers

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Simplified collaboration

Create collaborative spaces to facilitate exchanges while protecting the confidentiality of professional records

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Personalized support

Benefit from a personalized implementation plan, including training support tools tailored to your School Service Centre

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Security and compliance

Maintain full compliance with the standards of various professional orders and the Ministry of Education

Who can use Psylio in my school organization?

Whether you're a psychologist, social worker, special education instructor, remedial teacher, or guidance counsellor, Psylio adapts to your daily routine to facilitate your recordkeeping in the context of school intervention.

Members of professional orders

Members of professional orders use Psylio to manage their sensitive data, including progress notes, documents, and raw data, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with the standards for protecting personal information set by their order.

Support professionals

Support professionals use Psylio to quickly document their interventions and facilitate collaboration with other professionals through the use of collaborative spaces. Psylio also integrates several progress note templates adapted to their practice.

Remedial teachers

Remedial teachers use Psylio to record assessments and the progress of their at-risk or struggling students. Thanks to Psylio’s collaboration features, multidisciplinary teams can also work more effectively to meet the psychosocial or educational needs of their students.


Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration through the use of collaborative spaces and record sharing.

Collaborative spaces

  • Allow members of the same organization to exchange notes, observations, and documents without exposing the contents of student records.

  • Ensure smooth and secure collaboration while respecting confidentiality requirements.

Record sharing and transfers

  • Provide specific and controlled access by the record owner.

  • Facilitate continuous and effective follow-ups while also respecting confidentiality.

Mozaïk Portail

Connected to Mozaïk-Portal

Save time by activating the connection with GRICS. Professionals can sign in using the dedicated tile in Mozaïk Portail and access basic information to quickly open student records.

Meets the cybersecurity criteria set by the MEQ and the FCSSQ

In a collaborative effort involving the Quebec Ministry of Education (MEQ), the Federation of School Service Centres of Quebec (FCSSQ), and the Edteq Association, an initial assessment of information security requirements has been completed. This step is part of an effort to enhance the current offerings in the educational sector and reflects the partners' commitment to gradually meeting government standards. Members who have been awarded the badge have shown their commitment to following cybersecurity best practices and to their improvement.

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They trust us

« La plateforme Psylio répond définitivement à mes besoins en matière de tenue de dossiers, de facturation et d’agenda. Les ajustements réalisés au cours des derniers mois ont fait de ce logiciel un outil indispensable pour tout intervenant dans le domaine de la relation d’aide. Très facile d’utilisation, son interface est simple et conviviale. »

Véronique Larivière, Sexologue, B.A.

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