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Caring solutions, serving human beings, that's Optania.

Our priority: human beings

Caring is part of our DNA. Our know-how and innovative technological tools are dedicated to fostering learning and transforming the future of education and mental health.

Our culture

We are committed every day to becoming better and having a positive impact in our society. As a leader in our field, we have a duty to take actions to make a difference.

Our Values
Mutual aid
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Stéphanie Villeneuve

First a specialized educator, then a social worker, Stéphanie has been working in the field of intervention for 10 years and her professional experiences have led her to work in multidisciplinary teams with many professionals as much from the school, community, public and private sectors. She’s able to fully understand the needs and specifics inherent to your practice context and offer you appropriate solutions. Passionate about the clinical process, she’s keen to provide you with reliable answers related to record keeping.

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Product specialist, Social worker, B.T.S.

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