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5 Tips to Make Your Digital Record Keeping Even More Secure!

Stéphanie Villeneuve
Stéphanie Villeneuve

At Psylio, we take the security of your data very seriously! We are committed to putting every necessary measure in place to go above and beyond expectations and requirements in the field, always in compliance with professional requirements. That said, there are good practices that we suggest to improve security in your digital record keeping. Here is a quick look at 5 tips that you can easily apply right now, at no extra cost!


Using a password manager not only allows you to access all your passwords in one place, it will also generate unique, strong passwords for you. You can use password managers on more than one device, and in most cases they even have applications to further simplify use. You only have to remember one password and your password manager will safely store all the rest for you! No more scraps of paper or lists of passwords in your agenda. You’ll also be able to avoid clicking the famous “forgot password” button. Lastly, using one will also help simplify the transfer of information to your transferee since they will only need one password to get access to everything they may need.

Some examples of password managers you might like: Dashlane , 1password, Keepass.


Use complex and unique passwords! Most of us have a habit of reusing the same passwords for multiple different accounts, which may lead to compromised data security. What is more, we often try to go as simple as possible to make it easier to remember our passwords, making them even more vulnerable. As already mentioned in the previous point, password managers generate passwords automatically and with no need to memorize them.


Be sure to change your passwords on a regular basis. If you work for an employer, it’s possible that it is automated and you are required to change your passwords at certain intervals (often you probably just change the last character of the password though, right?). If a procedure like this is in place, it’s for security reasons. You might find it unpleasant, but it’s important! In an independent practice setting or if the organization you work for does not have an automated system already in place, you should get into the habit of changing your passwords regularly. As an example, you might decide to change them each season or when the time changes. We check the batteries in our smoke detectors, we change our passwords!


Make sure to activate sleep mode on your computer so that after a certain period of inactivity, a password is required to access your workspace again.


It is your responsibility to lock your computer whenever you step away from your workspace.

Don’t hold off, start making changes today!

Stéphanie Villeneuve

Product specialist, Social worker, B.T.S.

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